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Gah. Trying really hard to be patient at work, but it is NOT a great feeling to be training the person who got the job you applied for. Kelli has 28 years(!) experience as a ranger and I'm having to show her basic, basic stuff. She can't fix plumbing, she doesn't know how to operate the reservation software, she's abrasive with our volunteers who then dislike her, she can't drive any vehicle that has a manual transmission. At first I was all "oh well, strengths and weaknesses, we all have them I'm sure she's good at some thing I can learn from." But that attitude is fading fast.

Today we had two campers who had come in the day before using a disabled veteran's pass (they get 10 days free camping in state parks per month). Our checkout time is at 1:00pm, by 2:00 their tent and piles of crap were all over the campsite and they were nowhere to be seen. We didn't have a phone number for them either and we had people coming into that site as they'd reserved and paid for it online already.

So by 2:30 we had to pack up their stuff. I called Kelli and told her I'd need help as it was a LOT of stuff. She tells me she'd never done this before (?!) so I had to walk her through the process, the paperwork. We have to make a list of every single item. So I start packing up shit and instead of helping me with that she sits down and waits for me to dictate each item so she can write it down. Thus avoiding picking through piles of dirty clothes, half eaten bags of food, smelly sleeping bags, crack pipes, knives, rope and a mysterious small metal box while calling out to her "one pair sweatpants, purple."

My only bit of revenge is that I put the box on the picnic table next to her and told her she needed to open it and write down the contents. (yes, I am a ranger assistant giving orders to a ranger 1 because she's clueless, but I digress). Ha. Inside was a whole collection of dildos and lube. She got all flustered and didn't know what to write. "Uh, how about dildo, flesh colored?" I offered.

Oh well, I still like my job. I like being outdoors. I like the rest of my coworkers. It will all be fine, I just am going to have to focus very very hard to not get impatient with her this summer.

Today is my Friday. Tomorrow the cement for the foundation for our garage is being poured and I might go out to watch. I will also paint and cook and box and do happy things. Last night Mat and I went out to dinner, which is a rare occasion, but our favorite restaurant here does a $14 steak, fries, salad and a glass of wine special that we love. We talked money and plans and Mat asked me if he won a couple million dollars tomorrow what would change. We both decided we'd get new motorcycles and work only during the summer months. Everything else we'd probably keep the same. Same house plans (maybe we'd upgrade the windows), same jobs, same plan to drive to Argentine in a few years. So yeah, that's a pretty good feeling knowing that if magically you had a bunch of money you wouldn't change much. Mat also said he'd get a camel. Yes, a camel.
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